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My name is Samantha Josephine Hernandez and I’m a professional Tarot card reader. I specialize in Relationship readings.
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I specialize in Relationship readings. I can help provide clarity and insight to your love life.
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  • At first I was hesitant about getting a relationship reading thinking it would just be a waste of time. I decided to go for it and I was so glad I did. Samantha made me feel at ease and I felt comfortable opening up to her over what I thought was my silly questions. She confirmed to me  what I was already feeling with this person and provided me some great insight in over coming my fears with this relationship. Moving forward I did what my heart told me to do and along with Samantha's reading for me. It worked out just perfectly and I knew we were meant to be together.  Thank you Samantha for reassuring to me what my heart already felt.

    ~ Brod Pete

  • Samantha is a lovely, warm hearted and intuitive person. Her reading was clear, insightful, and I felt it was very on point. It helped me a lot along my path. I also really appreciated her professionalism, and I strongly recommend her for all your readings!

    ~ Ashley

  • Samantha is very professional and very caring. I came to her seeking some peace of mind with personal matters. She went above and beyond to read into my problems and clarified more than I needed. Thanks to her I was able to get some peace of mind and a good nights rest!! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking out clairvoyant services even those who are first time or unsure users! Will definitely be coming back to chat some more ❤️

    ~ Anna

  • When Sam read my birth chart for me she took her time and went in depth into different aspects about who I am as a person. Her reading helped me learn more about myself as a person, as well as personality traits that complement mine. I would 100% recommend Sam to anyone, not only because she is a great reader, but also because she is a genuine and kind person.

    ~ Evan C.

  • My reading of my horoscope birthday date with Sam was amazing and enlightening. I have always had strong emotions but raised in a quiet reserved family. When Sam explained my chart to me and showed me all my water and explained what water represents in our chart . It explained everything to where my emotions come from. Sam is friendly ,kind, and patient. She puts you at ease from the minute you meet her. Absolutely have your reading done with Sam .You will see yourself in a light afterward..

    ~ Shawn B.

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