How do I book a Reading?

You can go to the Reading page and choose the Card Reading that you would like. Once its  booked we can confirm on a mutual date and time. I am in the Eastern Time Zone. I receive payments via PayPal.

How does a Reading work?

We do virtual readings via Zoom platform. I can also provide readings via email.

What will a Relationship Reading tell me?

Your personalized relationship reading will leave you feeling confident and reassured about everything you need to know about you and your person and what you can expect in your relationship going forward.

How do I prepare myself for a Reading?

I will need your sun sign and your person's (if you know it). If you have specific questions that you would like answered about the connection you have with your person, please have them ready prior to your reading. You are allowed a maximum of 10 questions. For example, "Do they have feelings for me?" "What are their intentions towards me?" I will intuitively answer your questions to the absolute best of my ability.


Although I take my readings very seriously and believe it is a powerful tool of insight and guidance, I am legally required to state that my readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Relationship readings provided by Divine Essence Tarot do not constitute, do not replace, and should not be construed as financial, legal, medical, psychiatric, psychological, or any other type of professional advice on any subject matter. If you require such advice, please consult a licensed professional.

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